Nov 172015

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An excerpt from a text to voice  presentation I’m preparing..

When I initially got over being diagnosed with  Parkinson’s it occurred to me that things could be worse and I’d have time on my hands when sitting and thinking would be the best I could do.

So I cast around and sort of fell headlong into e and mHealth, Leeds uk has a thriving Habitat for patient led mHealth. In fact that’s the name of the project led by Victoria Betton supporting various projects and initiatives including my own project to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of current medications through the use of smart wearable devices.

It is my belief through self-knowledge and a scientific background, that there must be something that can be measured using preferably domestic equipment that can track you on Parkinson’s cycles. Medics tell you of ‘off’ and ‘on’ states but People with Parkinson’s (PWP’s) will tell you about many more a cycle that takes PWPs from Practically, immobile through aching muscles through feeling a breakthrough, relief from pain, mobility, Hypermobility and Mood, gradually coming down feeling, hot sweats, and you take some more.

How to get that to flat line feeling good then there must  be data on the perceived effectiveness of the drug Levadopa (the main PD me), and I  found charts of the blood plasma level of LD over time. Facing arguments that bPl is difficult and costly to measure, especially that beyond the blood brain barrier my own feeling were that they must be something that correlates and I set out to find it regardless of what academics and medics were saying. I was only looking for a relationship not the whole causative relationship. I wasn’t looking for the hows and whys??

By linking together these models, data from wearables and effective meds management software I am sure that a meds ‘satnav’ one that is flexible to know when you have taken a med (or not) if it was on schedule a factor all those personal and published data to re-route your intake of medicine automatically.

Watch this  space. There is a private, by invitation, Alpha test demo modelling site at


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